Renewable Energy

Life on Earth has existed for millions of years thanks to a series of conditions that allowed the birth of ecosystems that still surround us today. These conditions have allowed the evolution of civilization and society, and can be simply identified in renewable elements such as sun, water, wind, heat and the fruits of the earth.

But what is renewable energy and what applications does it have?"Pizzal & Partners Architects - Project Management" interacts with and promotes innovative technologies, specifically:

  • Photovoltaic system: Modern photovoltaic technology converts buildings from energy users to producers of the highest-quality energy: electricity. Building and photovoltaic technologies merge to create building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems - that is, architectural, structural and aesthetic integration. A photovoltaic system can have modules with surface functionality. As such, the modules themselves are the surfaces exposed to the sun, becoming authentic iso-structural construction elements used to complement building exteriors such as roofs, facades, windows and skylights;

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