Project Management

"Project management is the application of knowledge, attitude, technique and tools to project activities in order to attain their objectives" (Source PMBOK)

Cost, time and purpose are the main challenges of project management. Achieving objectives according to the needs of the client follows a path based on quality, optimization, resource allocation and input integration.

The process also develops through troubleshooting and the mitigation of risk that every project, to varying degrees, finds along the way.

Management of the project developed by "Pizzal & Partners Architects - Project Management" is performed in the following areas:

  • Definition and analysis of objectives;
  • Work planning;
  • Risk identification and risk control;
  • Resource planning;
  • Work and process organization;
  • Activity management and coordination;
  • Problem management and resolution;
  • Project and work closure;
  • Notification of results to clients.

Pizzal & Partners Architects -

Project Management

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