Planning and Sustainability

Sustainability is now a worldwide primary need. A system of consumption has characterized our way of life for decades, and it has created highly damaging prospects for mankind and for the Earth. In recent years, this theme has stimulated response by multiple sectors (social, economic and political), some addressing this new necessity through innovation and experimentation, and others opposing it by clinging to traditional means.

Our design concept does not intend to demonstrate that "sustainability" is the best and only solution for the near future, but wants to show why this subject, if approached in the right way, can become a very interesting reality to obtain not only quantitative, but especially qualitative results.

To this end, "Pizzal & Partners Architects - Project Management" deals with the subject using an approach that demonstrates how sustainability can be pursued in construction, and possible ways to design and manage according to this alternative.

Following this logic, our work is developed by analyzing:

  • Stage of architectural planning and execution:
    • Analysis of general specifications,
    • Feasibility study,
    • Logical-functional design,
    • Sizing,
    • Inspections.
  • Design parameters:
    • Type of system to be implemented,
    • Efficiency,
    • Costs,
    • Reliability,
    • Security,
    • Production time,
    • Expected operational life.

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