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Enzo Pizzal

ENZO PIZZAL, architect, was born in 1951 in Pordenone, Italy, where he now resides.

After graduating in Architecture in Venice in 1975, he was active in helping the citizens of Pordenone who were struck by the 1976 earthquake, and received praise by Mayor Giacomo Ros.

In the following two years, Enzo Pizzal was head of urban planning for the municipality of Pordenone. He then devoted himself as a freelancer to restoration work in the historic city center of Pordenone. He also designed the new Vallenoncello industrial zone for the municipality of Pordenone.

Enzo Pizzal later served as technical adviser to NATO bases throughout Europe and moved to San Diego (USA) for postgraduate courses.

After numerous experiences in the Soviet Union, Hungary and Latin America (where he was named "Best Architect Of The Year" in 1994 in Venezuela), in 2000 Enzo Pizzal founded Bauer & P. Consultants S.A.S., a company specializing in key-in-hand projects in industrial, commercial and residential construction.

Since 2009, Bauer & P. Consultants S.A.S. deals with design and supervision inherent to the construction of systems using renewable energy sources, especially in the areas of photovoltaic, geothermal, wind and biomass.

As an evolution of Bauer & P. Consultants S.A.S., "Pizzal & Partners Architects - Project Management" was born in 2012 to include the disciplines of project management, sustainable design and renewable energy.


Vanni Meneghetti

Vanni Meneghetti was born in Vittorio Veneto, Italy in 1985 and resides with his wife in Cordignano.

He graduated in 2004 as a surveyor from the Sandro Pertini Technical Institute for Surveyors in Pordenone. In the following years he enrolled at the University of Padua and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Legal Sciences in 2009.

After dedicating himself to a broad variety of tasks, Vanni Menegetti joined "Pizzal & Partners Architects - Project Management" where he is responsible for the section "Technical and Commercial Estimates", carrying out visits to potential customers and preparing bids.

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